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If you are considering divorce or are already involved in the process, the last thing you need is an attorney who contributes to your stress. By working with Ingram Law, you will have immediate access to an experienced and understanding attorney who will take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a legal strategy specifically for your situation.


Federal Criminal Law

featured services

For criminal defense against federal charges, call Alabama’s criminal defense lawyer Joseph Ingram. We have represented countless clients in federal courts against the most serious charges. Many federal crimes carry catastrophic penalties: crippling fines, decades in prison, ruined careers, asset forfeiture.


Workers' Compensation

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Workers’ comp benefits are based on the extent of your disability. The laws in Alabama are not favorable to the employee. If the disability is partial, you get a maximum of 300 weeks of compensation—about 6 ½ years. If the disability is permanent and total, you could get benefits for life.


Ingram2INGRAM LAW LLC is a full-service Alabama litigation firm.  Joseph A. Ingram of INGRAM LAW LLC has significant trial experience and will use his experience and knowledge for your needs.  INGRAM LAW LLC is available to handle cases throughout the State of Alabama and federal cases in any federal jurisdiction.

Over the last 13 years Mr. Ingram has practiced law in nearly every county courthouse in Alabama.  From Huntsville to Birmingham and Mobile, he has represented the good people of Alabama in federal, state and municipal court.

Joseph Ingram has had legal victories in every type of case from a DUI in municipal court, to state court felonies being dismissed, to divorce cases that involve substantial assets and custody, to more than 10 federal jury trials to a conclusion.  In fact, Mr. Ingram has tried three civil rights cases to date.  He has tried two 42 U.S.C. 1983 Civil Rights Actions and one Eight Amendment, Cruel and Unusual Punishment case in Federal Court.

He believes that Federal Court is the best court in the country and in the world to receive justice.

Mr. Ingram has built his practice on the belief that everyone needs representation in court.  The court is designed to give all citizens a fair playing field to resolve issues.  Our goal for you is Get Relief and Get Results.  We understand that every case is important because it is your case!

INGRAM LAW LLC handles all types of litigation including:

    • Federal Criminal Litigation
    • Divorce, Family Law, Modifications of Divorce, and Step-Parent Adoptions
    • Workers’ Compensation Claims
    • Civil Appeals
    • Criminal Appeals
    • Criminal Defense
    • DUI Representation in Municipal or Circuit Court
    • Business Dispute Litigation and Formation of Business Entities
    • Debt Collection for Business Entities
    • Personal Injury

Insurance Claims and Insurance Bad Faith

Mr. Ingram brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to represent you in court.  His past work experiences in accounting, banking and business have led to a successful litigation practice.  A background in accounting is a valuable tool when there may be money issues as a part of a case.  Joseph Ingram uses his skills to reach the best possible outcome for you. Almost every type of litigation involves the need for a background in business in accounting such as divorce, criminal and workers’ compensation claims.

Joseph Ingram recently earned his Master’s Degree in Education to enhance his ability to defend classroom teachers in the State of Alabama. You may be facing criminal charges and false accusations that could involve the potential loss of your career, your teaching certificate, your reputation in the community, and even face potential prison time. Hire an attorney that knows what it is like to be in a classroom and has the ability to defend you in your time of need.

INGRAM LAW LLC looks forward to representing you and providing high quality legal services at an affordable price.  Mr. Ingram believes that every case is important whether it is a criminal case, Workers’ Compensation Claim, or a business dispute.  Any type of legal issue can cause you undue stress, anxiety, fear, loss of sleep, loss of a career, or your family.  It is our goal to help relieve your stress and resolve your issues.

At INGRAM LAW LLC our focus is to bring your case to a speedy and efficient conclusion.  However, in order to get the best possible result in your case, preparing a case for trial is always a necessity.  When the opposition knows that you are ready and able to take a case to trial, and that your attorney is willing and able in the courtroom, they take your case seriously.  Thus, it can result in a more favorable outcome and when the case settles you are more likely to receive a true value of your claim.

If you have questions about a legal issue, call INGRAM LAW LLC. We will work to help you understand the legal process, your rights and options, and how a case may move through the civil and criminal system.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact INGRAM LAW LLC now at 205-335-2640 and speak with Joseph A. Ingram.  Let us see if we can provide you with a more creative approach and result.

INGRAM LAW LLC is conveniently located at 1027 23rd Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35205.

Get Relief ● Get Results.

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